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Dr. Adnan Mejjaly: We have to rely on ourselves to face the Trump plan in the absence of the international and Arab full back

The Palestinian scientist, Dr. Adnan Megally, said that Donald Trump's political team decided to present his plan called "The Deal of the Times" at this time in order to support Benjamin Netanyahu's chances of winning the upcoming elections.

He said that the goal of Benny Gantz's invitation to accompany Netanyahu on his visit to the White House is to establish a partnership between Netanyahu and the opposition party (alcohol Lavan) to form a national unity government after the elections that implements the plan. 

"The situation is extremely dangerous due to the lack of sufficient international and Arab support to confront the American-Israeli conspiracy," Majali said, adding, "This absence does not lose our national options to confront this conspiracy, and we must rely on ourselves and immediately begin to strengthen our internal front to confront this liquidation plan."

He continued: "This requires ending the division, uniting all political forces, and holding general elections." 

He explained, "We must move Arably to create a regional front that includes Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan and stand against this liquidation political project. We must move immediately on the international front as well from Europe to Russia and China," stressing that "relying on ourselves remains the main key to confront this conspiracy to liquidate our cause." Our national rights in light of the weakness and the absence of the Arab and international backers