About Us

About Us

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Dr. Mjalli is dedicated to helping humanity, researching the causes and discovering cures for life-threatening diseases such as cancer and diabetes. After studying for a PhD in the UK, Dr. Mjalli worked in US, firstly in California and then in North Carolina, where he became a serial entrepreneur and founder of multi-billion-dollar business empire in health care.

Dr. Mjalli has been named as an inventor on more than 700 patents and patent applications for drug discovery and the development of new medicines. He is also the founder of tens of companies in the fields of education, energy, agriculture, construction, development, real estate, trade, finance and entertainment, as well as philanthropic projects in the West Bank and Gaza. He is Chairman of Mjalli Investment Group, based in North Carolina, USA.

Our Values

WPEC is non-partisan, non-political and non-aligned to existing authority structures.

WPEC represents, promotes and reflects the highest aspirations and standards of individual and institutional conduct, and is committed to upholding everybody’s dignity.

Our Goals

Encourage and assist the development of creative programs to sustain and advance the Palestinian job market in:

• Technology and Information Science

• Communications

• Scientific Research

• Accounting

Our Mission

WPEC aims to bring Palestinian talents and capacities together to revive the Palestinian national economy, serve the Palestinian cause and voice its mutual concerns.
Our mission is to work on developing programs that sustain and enhance the survival, success, and steadfastness of a vital Palestine economy

The World Palestinian Economic Congress

The World Palestinian Economic Congress (WPEC) is an international organization representing the Palestinian people globally, working to bring Palestinian communities, interests and institutions together to develop and improve education, health, economy, business and the general welfare and conditions of Palestinians in all the Palestinian Territories, including the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. It achieves its vision through harnessing the talent and capabilities of the worldwide Palestinian community.

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